Software and pipeline architecture matters — or “Hope triumphs over experience every time”

A recurrent theme in the software industry is the hype around each new technology that comes down the pike. The latest ‘shiny new thing’ will finally get us to the point where we can have Jetson’s flying cars and live-in robot maids.

Surely, my virtualized, containerized, cloud-nativized, artificially-intelligent, big-data, machine-learned, application will practically write itself!



The truth is the architecture of both your application and your delivery pipeline itself matters A LOT. Often more than the technologies you choose to use.

To be sure, some new technologies have massive beneficial impact, but we often forget that it’s garbage-in, garbage-out.

This talk will explore how solid architecture of your application and the design of your pipeline allow new technologies to be used to maximum effect.

We’ll review 10 DO’s and proven patterns for architecting your app and your pipeline to enable effective DevOps and achieve Continuous Delivery.

• Some new (and old) technologies and how they do/don’t help
• Best practices for loosely coupled architectures & teams and their role
• Best practices for application architecture to allow for scale and easier updates – for both monolithic applications and microservices.
• How to ensure your pipeline and app architecture support HA, DR and business continuity
• Tips for scaling delivery pipelines across the organization and supporting self-service, automated, vetted automation
• Tips for incorporating security and compliance checks as part of your pipelines
• How to future-proof your design

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