You don’t have to know Monty Python to understand leadership, but it helps. The pioneering comedy troupe’s surreal and satirical work held a mirror up to society reflecting how individuals, groups, organizations, and societies function. While delivered humorously, there are many keen insights and lessons for the Agile leader who aspires to create an environment in which people become empowered.

This session combines select audio and visual from the Python’s body of work with observations and analysis from the speaker’s experience as: Agile leaders, coaches, and consultants to examine patterns and anti-patterns in the following areas:

– Leader’s Approach to Failure and Blame
– The Importance of Communicating Effectively
– Focusing on Outcomes over Activities
– Command and Control vs. Participatory / Democratic Leadership Styles
– The Reluctant or Emergent Leader
– Fostering Individual Agency and Group Self Organization
– Avoiding Organizational Orthodoxy and Ossification

This interactive session also asks attendees to share their experience regarding these topics and reflection on the material presented. And yes, it may get a bit silly.

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