Is there anything more maligned than the business meeting? We spend a lot time in meetings, and a lot of time complaining about how ineffective they are. And, Agile practices describe many moments when teams should meet. As coaches and facilitators, it’s our job to make these meetings great.

Building better meetings is a passion of mine, so I want to share a core practice with you that I think will help turn your meetings from awful to awesome. In this session, we will start with the post-meeting world in mind and describe our meeting outcomes. Then we will work backward through the meeting outputs, what work we will do in the meeting to generate the outputs, necessary meeting inputs, and finally any pre-work we need to make the meeting a success. Then we will check in with the people we will need involved along the way to make a great meeting.

These 5 steps to a great meeting will set you up for success as you create meeting spaces for your teams and organizations.

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