Agile has a dirty little secret and it’s now out in the open. For years we’ve been told that a single business representative from somewhere within the organization would be enough for us to fully enjoy being an agile company. As more companies have sought out the level of adaptability, effectiveness and quality they had been yearning for, they discovered it takes far more than an “Agile” IT department to be “Agile”. It takes the ability to quickly pivot as an entire organization.

Robert Woods, President and Lead Consultant at MindOverProcess, will help attendees identify some of the misconceptions in our agile transformation journeys, how to overcome them, ways in which other parts of our company might be Agile now and not recognize it. Additionally, you will walk away with techniques that help many of the core business groups within an organization to find their own unique ways to display the type of agility that truly begins to define an Agile Company.

Agile’s dirty little secret is about to bust wide open and completely change how we look at organizational transformation.

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