Are you struggling to integrate User Experience techniques with your agile teams? Are any of these patterns familiar?
The UX team works one sprint ahead of the development team.
UX designers spend lots of energy on high fidelity mock-ups which the developers then ignore.
You produce working software each sprint, but recruiting users is time consuming so you only test with users before you release.
There is no time to incorporate changes from user feedback into the sprints before release.
The UX designers and the developers seem to speak a different language.
Developers get annoyed because the UX design work great on iOS, but clashes with Android standards.

If so join us for a fun interactive session where we use Lego to explore how you can overcome challenges like this in your own environment. You’ll work as a team doing both UX design, and development (with Lego), and see how and why these patterns happen, as well as what you can do about them.

This workshop is ideal for people from both the UX world, struggling to understand how to work with developers, and for developers struggling to understand what UX designers are trying to achieve.

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