Barco Demetra aims to support dermatologists in detecting skin cancer sooner. It is a transformative medical device that helps them to work smarter and faster. At least, it is now. Two years ago, Demetra was still in the conceptual phase. During this fast-paced product development track, including both hardware and software development, we gathered our own learnings on the good, the bad and the ugly.”

At the start of the project, there were many unknowns. Along the way, we tackled those unknowns whilst handling what seemed like conflicting priorities. Only via many interactions with dermatologists and deep insights into their workflow, we managed to design an optimal solution. The result is a tailored software app for the hardware device, that collaborates with a web frontend, orchestrating all data in the cloud.”

New constraints posed new challenges but also created great opportunities: only through ruthless and decisive product discovery, hard prioritisation, early customer feedback and established development practices did we manage to timely deliver a solution that can potentially save lives. Our constant state of uncomfortable excitement confirmed we were on the right track.

We will tell this story from our product management point of view and demonstrate how we achieved the right circumstances for building customer confidence, the roadmap and the product.

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