Adopting Agile in large organizations always leads to two major questions: how can we do it, and what benefit can we expect? Former question seems to be trivial to answer at the team level. However when it comes to a large, complex, multi-geo organizations, things are getting harder. As for the latter question, adopting Agile principles usually bears multiple costs – teams’ delivery slows down at the beginning, trainings need to be conducted, agile coaches are hired to guide transforming teams or organizations.
All those costs are an investment, from which companies hope to get a return.
Therefore each team, project or organization faces a challenge of measuring its agility – level of adopting Agile values and principles. Measuring whether changes did improve anything.
As a solution to those problem statements, available scope of actions is going to be presented along with the Capability Model – a measure of how well organizations and/or teams pursue their goal, and what might be an area of improvement. Practices and ideas that are going to be presented are based on the experience of the Agile Transformation in a 500+ people project in a mobile area.

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