The Nickelodeon Digital team creates playful and surprising virtual experiences for kids everywhere they are. Our portfolio includes the Emmy Award-winning Nick App, the Nick Jr. App and its companion Apple Watch app, and the direct-to-consumer NOGGIN App across a diversity of platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV and Roku—with more in development. We began our Agile transformation in 2012 and along the way have faced device and platform proliferation, increased competition due to upheaval of traditional content distribution models, and growth in our agile operation.

In this Experience Report, we will cover our approach and lessons learned in the following areas:

  • How we evolved team structure alongside product vision in a shifting business landscape – how did we originally set up our teams and why did we change? How are we addressing the increasing number of devices and platforms? What rituals have we added to address scale? What changes to our team structure do we anticipate in the foreseeable future?
  • Integrating the creative process and fostering innovation – how do we create space for teams to innovate? Do we include ideation in our sprints? How do we infuse crazy fun into our process and our products?
  • Our transition to a scaled agile model and what that means for Nickelodeon
  • What support we needed from executive management and outside experts to make this transformation

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