**This first-hand account of an Agile transformation describes how Agile changed the owner-operators, as well as the company.**

* Participants will see how a traditionally-structured 30-plus -year-old company transformed itself from a largely hierarchical organization to a flat, manager-less community of professionals.

* The account will be presented from the point of view of the owner-operators of the company, and will include their personal stories of how their executive roles, expectations as stockholders, and notions of leadership changed, often in unexpected ways.

* Additionally, the talk will occasionally highlight a particular principle (such as increased transparency or distributed-decision-making), and describe how it was used to guide their decisions.

* The talk will include a candid discussion of the business problems that needed to be addressed, the change issues that were encountered, the evolution of the transformation process, the guiding principles that were applied, and a current assessment of progress.

* Before and after pictures will be shared that demonstrate how the organization changed in terms of policies, practices, structure, and facility. Examples include employee reviews, job descriptions, intellectual property, career development, managerial roles, and decision-making.

* The talk will include photos, videos, and infographics.

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