One of the challenges in agile contexts is finding your way towards mature and effective testing practices. You could argue that we were better off pre-agile, in that the landscape was clearer. Point being – agile contexts are a bit of a floating target across a wide range of testing approaches and techniques.

We developed the 3-Pillars framework with just this challenge in mind, trying to craft a model to guide us (teams and organizations) towards more mature agile practices. And the focus isn’t simply on “QA team”, but more broadly across the entire organization.

In this workshop we’ll “dust off” the 3-Pillars assessment tool and walk you through assessing your current state of agile testing. Don’t get hung up on the word maturity, but more so focus on leveraging the tool to guide your continuous improvement efforts. You’ll leave with a great view to your testing balance and a game plan for your context-based improvements.

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