Come hear the tale of a company's trek to adopt Scrum and other Agile practices and how they turned a culture of "just get it done" to one that put quality first. Listen to the woeful beginnings where developers outnumbered quality engineers 7 to 1 and could never keep up during each Sprint. Cringe as you are immersed into a culture where code was king and testing was often scuttled or entirely left out. Despair with us while hearing the agonizing accounts of team ripped asunder by vast distances, bristling attitudes, and disparate values. Follow along with our small band of heroes as they strive to bring the true values of Agile, starting with localized successes while continuously pounding against the walls of inertia around the company's management. Feel the hope as their movement gains hold and their number of converts increases until at last the walls of muscle memory collapse and a new era of collaborative teams delivering release ready, quality code at the end of each Sprint.

In all seriousness, this session is an account of our struggle with Agile with a focus on Quality Assurance. Presented from various view points of a developer turned QA manager turned Agile coach and the QA lead who helped him bring about a cultural focus on Quality that was 3 years in the making. We'll discuss our many missteps, our techniques to bring everyone into the fold from engineering up to management, and how we put practices in place to sustain that culture.

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Tommy Norman is the Director of Agile Operations at Acklen Avenue, a custom software development shop in Nashville, TN. With an IT career spanning over 20 years, he has been helping organizations of all sizes and shapes build great software with a practical approach in a multitude of roles ranging from developer, architect, development and QA manager, to Agile coach. Tommy is currently a Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance, a Professional Scrum Master with Scrum.org, and a Certified Scaled Agile Framework Practitioner. He has worked deeply with the Agile community as the coordinator of the Agile Nashville user group, Director of the Music City Agile conference, and a frequent local and national speaker. You can follow him online on Twitter at @tommynorman, on his blog at www.tommynorman.com, and view his Agile training videos on Safari Books Online.