Outline/structure of the Session

Every business needs to be able to keep up with market changes in the face of widespread upheaval. Maintaining organisationnal agility isn’t easy, especially for large companies with an international outlook.

While there are plenty of marketing examples of industries that have been up-ended as a result of new competitors and changing conditions, there are also many that have managed to respond to these changes.

Among these is McDonald’s – one of the world’s largest and most iconic fast food brands that reinvented itself by focusing on people, coffee, agility and innovation.

This experience report will step beyond traditional marketing methods à la “Mad Men” and share what was discovered with the McCafé launch – the presentation has useful learnings about agile marketing techniques to help participants gain insight and develop important skills.

This talk is centered around the McCafé concept, development stages and collaborative drivers. Marie-Christine’s personal hands on marketing experience for the McCafé project will provide participants a unique outlook on process, and discover how to bridge the gap between IT, marketing and the business. It’s a fundamental shift in mindset. Instead of focusing on what you can sell, the focus is shifted to what are the needs while leveraging rapid iterations for maximum output.

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