While there are a couple of proposed approaches on how to implement an Agile setup in an enterprise, there are thousands of controversal opinions about this topic.
Each agile transformation case is unique. Not so much because the problems and challenges companies face in today’s complex world are very different, but because company and leadership cultures vary a lot.
So, there is no fixed recipe telling you how to do it. Leadership is an essential success factor.

Based on my own experience being part of transforming and sustaining a several 1000 people R&D organization, that is distributed over many countries on several continents, I have looked at the factors and leadership approaches that make agile setups successful. I also gained a lot of insights from working as a Program Director for the Agile Alliance’s “Supporting Agile Adoption” initiative, connecting to Agile Change leaders from many different companies.
In this talk I will share these experiences and insights. I will – based on real-life stories – explain and demonstrate a Systems Thinking approach and a method that can help you make also your agile approach sustainably successful.

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