“If your life were summarized on a movie poster, what would it say?”

We ask agile leaders and ScrumMasters to be Servant Leaders, Impediment removers, Coaches, Educators and evangelists, and Shepherds and guardians of the process (I use acrostic SLICES) as well as organizational change agents. Those are exciting aspects that go beyond our HR titles, but it’s a tall order – how do we make that actionable, part of us? How do we weave these into a story? Our careers are not our stories. Our stories come from who we are and we are bigger than our jobs. If we are only what we do for a living, we are smaller than our potential, yet we can use this radical new role of agile leader or ScrumMaster as a means of connecting to, and leveraging at work, an opportunity to grow.

I have recently gone through a process known as storyline and begun using it in my training and coaching, and already seeing a difference and getting positive feedback.

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