As part of its ongoing collection of data about software development and delivery, Forrester Research has been tracking the state and trajectory of Agile adoption. Agile is clearly a mainstream methodology at this point, but that’s only the first part of a much longer story about Agile in practice. This session will cover the state of Agile adoption, as seen through Forrester’s collection of survey and interview data. A sample of the questions we’ll cover includes…

* How far has Agile adoption spread?
* How are teams juggling Agile and other demands?
* Which presumed threats to Agile adoption (distributed development, compliance, etc.) are real, and which might be overrated?
* Which works better, incremental adoption or “big bang”?
* Is the common mix of Waterfall and Agile (“Water-Scrum-Fall”) a cause for concern?
* Is anyone getting Agile to work with outsourcing partners?
* How are Agile and Lean working together these days?
* Whose roles and responsibilities are changing the most?
* Is Agile demonstrating value in other ways than speed?

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