We’ve all experienced agile adoptions “in name only.” Where the vocabularies of agile were used but inspection and adaptation were hollow and ceremonialized. Where there were gaps between the rules of the framework or method and actual implementation. Dinwiddie, et. al. (2016) in “Patterns of Agile Journeys” describe an adoption anti-pattern where there are “people who say they agree and put on a face of compliance, but passive-agressively undermine the effort. Perhaps they only half-heartedly attempt a new way of working, or attempt it only when they think someone is watching.” (p.22)

Organizational theories refer to this as decoupling (Meyer & Rowan,1977). It’s common to consider decoupling as a problem and attack it directly. This workshop introduces a different perspective, that decoupling is actually a solution to underlying conflicts which need to be identified and managed before agile will be accepted.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand decoupling, identify what’s keeping the current system in place and help you find the levers that are available to help move organizations in the direction of Agile.

Dinwiddie, G., DiFabio, S., Nissen, O., Valde, R., & Neumann, D. (2016). Patterns of Agile Journeys
Meyer, J. W., & Rowan, B. (1977). Institutionalized organizations: Formal structure as myth and ceremony. American journal of sociology, 340-363.

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