Could the wisdom of crowds be used as a valid mechanism for forecasting work? Imagine being able to accurately forecast an entire release in a matter of minutes! Come and be part of a real-time experiment we will conduct in this session on agile estimation using the wisdom of crowds. Previous runs of this experiment have turned up some exciting results that will certainly get you thinking. We have people say things like, “that’s not possible” when they see the results. Prepare to be astonished! This will be an exciting session where we put theory to the test real time! At the same time give you practical tools should you want to begin using the wisdom of crowds for forecasting in your own workplace.

Additionally, we will compare and contrast wisdom of crowds to common estimation practices used today. We will talk about the psychology, assumptions, and flaws in: Comparative estimation, Blink Estimation, Planning Poker, and Fibonacci sequence. Once you understand these assumptions, you can make better use of these approaches. It’s about time we tried something different for Agile estimation and forecasting. Come and be part of what might just be a major revolution.

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