We strongly believe that ‘Agile is for Everyone’. For an agile transformation to succeed at scale, non-IT departments play a vital role to bring about a sustainable change.
In this report, we will share how business teams at AstraZeneca are choosing to adapt the Agile ways of working across the globe.

Brief History: In 2016 we shared the initial success of adopting Agile with large IT programs, creating quick wins that responded some naysaying such as…

“We can’t run Agile. We have globally distributed teams”
“We can’t run Agile. We have to validate our systems.”
“We can’t run Agile because Agile is for application development. We deploy COTS programs”

Today: Motivated by clearly articulated organizational values and behaviors (that reflect an agile mindset), AstraZeneca business teams are beginning to ask how they could bring Agile practices to the work of their teams.

What’s important is context:
Understanding the context of how a team works, and what that work is – has been a critical step for business teams to adopt agile practices. What works in one team, does not necessarily work with another team even in the same department.

We will share:
How have we made the steps to adapt agile for business teams?
When we failed, how we failed and what we learned.
Lessons from business teams, video interviews with business leaders and their take on agile and lean mindset

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