Agile was born in the software development world. But it quickly started spreading like wildfire into other areas finally reaching also Human Resource – historically one of more conservative departments. Together with Lean thinking it starts to seriously transform the way how HR personnel work.
This session presents how Agile values and practices accompanied with Lean paradigms help improve one of focal points for HR in any companies – recruitment of new employees – especially challenging in the extremely competitive IT industry
At Spartez we have been using Agile and Lean approach for hiring new employees for many years. We have processed thousands of applicants, we’ve carried out hundreds of interviews, we’ve hired dozens of great people who became our greatest asset. We have been iterating constantly and improving our process and we’ve learnt a lot from it. We strongly believe that applying Agile and Lean approach to recruitment should also help your company to be more effective and successful with the recruitment process. If you are interested to see why and how – this is the session for you.

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