A self-organzing team is an amazing thing. Imagine, a self-organzing classroom. Agile is the next generation learning framework.The Agile Based Learning Environment (ABLE), an adaption of Scrum and Kanban for education, unleashes the love of learning, empowers students, and transforms school culture to a thriving model of 21st century learning. In less than a year, one elementary school has taken Agile from one classroom to the entire school and is spreading to other schools at the grassroots level. A charter school system is piloting ABLE, and sees it as the path to reforming education so that students thrive today and tomorrow. The ABLE implementation guide for educators will be shared to step you through what Agile looks like in the classroom and how you can partner with teachers to create a generation of Agile natives. Be a part of a vibrant transformation for social good, engaging learning in the present, and helping students thrive in the future.

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