As organizations and individuals transition to be more Agile, often they throw existing good business analysis practices out the door and start fresh. Its baffling to us that while one day good practices seem to be working well, the next day, the team is “Agile” and they stop doing all the things that worked before! Participants going through an Agile transformation will leave this workshop with ideas about how to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater in their own analysis practices. We’ll guide the workshop using lessons we’ve learned during the development of “The Guide to Business Analysis” which “Includes the Standard for Business Analysis” that will be published by PMI in 2017!

For background, we will briefly share the writing process for the business analysis guide and standard so that we can then apply the same ideas during the workshop activities. The background information will include our Agile approach to the writing, how we ensured Agile was not an afterthought, and some of the constructs we used to handle tailoring business analysis to a variety of life cycles.

The workshop activities will use a friendly, collaborative, and iterative game to identify ways to make existing business analysis practices, processes, techniques, and tools Agile-friendly. We hope you refer to the guide yourself, but if not we think the workshop will help you transition your own organizations and own practices to be more Agile….without throwing all your existing good practices out the door.

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