There are many questions surrounding agile and architecture: How do agile teams address architecture? If the best architectures evolve over time, should you do any architecture modelling up front or just dive right in? How do you effectively evolve your architecture? Who is responsible for architecture on an agile team? How do we address common architecture issues across agile teams?

Luckily everyone one of these questions, and more, have been answered by other teams just like yours. There are many ways to answer each of these questions – there isn’t a single “best practice” but instead several good options that you can choose from. In this workshop we will work together to explore the mindset, skills, and practices required to successfully evolve architecture on agile teams. Techniques such as initial architecture envisioning, architecture risk canvases, spikes, walking skeletons, model storming, agile guidance, and others will be shared. Collaboration strategies, including potential roles such as Architecture Owner, Enterprise Architect, and Reuse Engineer will also be overviewed.

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