Application and Enterprise Architecture has been put through its paces in the agile world over the years...

* Ideals: architectural work inside the development team, shortening the design-to-implementation loop as much as possible

* Misinterpretations: "We don't need no stinking Architects!" screamed the Keyboard Cowboys

* The inevitable backlash of misinterpretations, lack of craft, and the inertia of the status quo: Architectural Epics and Runways continuing to encourage a split between business and technology, command-and-control capital-"A" Architects

Where are we now? What have we learned? More importantly, what have we forgotten?

Could "The best architectures...emerge from self-organizing teams?" No, really?

Now more than ever, we need to go back to the core principles of agility, craftsmanship, and evolutionary architecture.

This talk will review the history of application architecture in the agile development world, explain common pitfalls, and provide concrete patterns and practices for growing and maintaining architecture in a sustainable, agile way.

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About the Speaker(s)

I am an agile practitioner, Scrum trainer, application architect, and software craftsman. With over twenty years of experience, I help companies worldwide achieve their goals of delivering business value through software. In 2006, I took a class on Scrum with Ken Schwaber. Since then I have worked to evangelize Scrum and other agile frameworks. I see these ideas as a natural outgrowth of the lessons learned in the software industry, including lessons I have personally learned. I am a strong believer in the see one, do one, teach one road to craft and mastery, which led me to the role of Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org. Over the past six years I have trained over a thousand students - coders, testers, UX specialists, BAs, DBAs, PMs, managers, and C-suite executives - on Scrum using experiential, immersive courses. In addition, I mentored and trained four additional Scrum.org trainers, who have gone on to teach hundreds of students themselves. I have also authored custom curriculum and workshop material for related concepts, including estimation, advanced techniques for Scrum Masters, Test-Driven Development, test automation, Continuous Integration, agile database techniques, and evolutionary architecture.