“The higher you go in an organization, the more your suggestions become interpreted as orders.” – Marshall Goldsmith

An Architect garners a high level of authority by being an expert. People will follow their lead. But what if the Architect is wrong? They will follow right off a cliff.

In the book “Turn the Ship Around”, David Marquet tells his story as Captain of the US submarine the *Sante Fe*. On January 21, 1999, Marquet gave an order that could not be carried out, but the crew tried anyway. When he asked why, they responded “Because you told me to”. After this incident, Marquet vowed to never give another order. Instead he replaced it with intent. Instead of asking for permission, his crew would tell him what they intend to do. Marquet took his first steps to get his crew to start thinking like the Captain.

How do we get people to think like the Architect? Use the principles of Intent-Based Leadership to decouple the success of your project from the personality of the architect. By creating clarity around architectural goals and by engaging people in problem solving rather than defining rules and standards we can divest control and create an organization of leaders.

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