The adoption of Agile Methods at CCA-SJ was an initiative of our system developers. Scrum was chosen as the framework for development. Despite this, at the beginning, teams were not following the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Scrum teams were not properly formed. Scrum Guide was not even known by many developers. We also faced some problems in the interaction between individuals, since there were conflicts between military hierarchy and Agile Principles.

The Agile Transformation began with an intense work of 3 Agile Coaches. After our first results in adopting Agile Methods, we are increasingly gaining the confidence of our C-Level. In less than a year, I led this journey to success. Now we have a PMO where I lead a 9 members team. The planning of projects to be developed in 2019 was based on Scrum. That is, the new teams were formed according to the Scrum Guide.

In this talk I will present our journey in this Agile Transformation. I will also present two projects that were entirelly conducted based on Agile Methods. Our cases of success: a Low Cost Flight Simulator and a system that controls the overflight of foreign aircraft in Brazilian’s airspace.The work that we are doing at CCA-SJ in the adoption of Agile Methods is pioneer in the Brazilian Air Force.

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