This session isn’t about a particular brand of lingerie or how to become an undercover agent who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal act, however interesting that may be. Instead, the focus is on being a change agent by using tools from the field of Provocative Coaching.

One of the most heard phrases is: “There is no silver bullet” as a way to highlight that there is not one perfect answer for any situation. Well, this is true for coaching too. Most of us have experienced that sometimes our normal coaching arsenal just is not getting the job done. This session covers new counter intuitive coaching techniques, which are based on Provocative Therapy from Frank Farrely. This approach often contradicts with traditional coaching by leveraging the three central themes of Challenge, Humor and Warmth. Join me in a Listen, Do and Laugh workshop focused on learning why and when to best use Provocative Coaching and practice how to combine the themes to create memorable, effective and super fun coaching interventions.

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