You’ve just walked out of a meeting with your Finance Representative and they’ve shared the bad news. Your proposed enterprise-wide Agile Transformation hasn’t been approved by the CFO. You’re surprised by the decision because you’ve spent months and months doing your diligence with numerous Agile providers and know how much moving to Agile would improve the company’s business outcomes.

There must be something that wasn’t addressed in all of those conversations. Now, you and your team need to re-huddle and figure out an appropriate way forward. One thing that sticks out in the conversation you had with your Finance Representative was that the CFO didn’t see any tangible benefit in moving to Agile. What exactly is the CFO looking for?

Addressing the issues to become Agile is important, but equally important is your ability to showcase the financial benefits that will be generated from an enterprise-wide Agile Transformation. The goal of this presentation is to increase your awareness of how critical the financial justification of an Agile initiative actually is. Additionally, over the course of the talk, we’ll explore some of the key financial aspects that a business case should cover to help alleviate the concerns of your CFO.

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