Sharon Bowman’s “Training from the Back of the Room” (TBR) has become a mainstay for classroom-based course design and has become increasingly popular with Agile trainers. Sharon’s brain-science based approaches result in higher engagement, longer retention and more effective learning events. However, with the movement towards remote learning, there is a risk that some of these highly interactive techniques will become muted in distributed audiences. Those who attend this workshop will not fall victim to this fate!

In this interactive workshop, we will show how to apply the great ideas that Sharon has given the community to design remote learning to be as engaging as in-person events by leveraging brain-science techniques despite the limitations of remote technology.
Among other things, participants will learn techniques to:
*Incorporate movement when your participants are distributed and remote
*Get participants energized in group work when they haven’t met each other in-person
*Use images to stimulate thinking and create appropriate learning artifacts for remote delivery
*Bring novelty into remote learning
*Use remote collaboration tools effectively
Shannon and Shane are both TBR Certified Trainers and they have extensive experience designing and delivering classes for both in-person and remote learning. They also bring years of agile knowledge and practice along with real-world experience operating in remote teams.

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