Do you ever look at your Information Architecture (IA) after the first few weeks of a project? Unlikely. Typically, IA is helpful in the initial design of a project, but unfortunately, it quickly becomes unwieldy and difficult to maintain. A lightweight method to keep the IA up to date would help your team keep the strategic thinking that takes place at the beginning of a project, and use it throughout the entire project.

Enter the DoGo Map. The Do-Go Map is a lightweight IA tool that provides a high-level understanding of the information architecture for a web site, or even a mobile app, and can be easily incorporated into the everyday workflow of a development team – an Agile development team in particular.

This hands-on workshop will present a step-by-step introduction to building a DoGo map. (Cards, Post-Its, and Sharpies will be provided.) The guidance will help participants create a DoGo Map, work with users/stakeholders to evaluate the DoGo Map, and use the DoGo Map to support design decisions.

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