What is the best way to approach an agile transformation? How can you ensure the transformation delivers the business outcomes you are seeking? How should you measure your progress along the way?

As you begin on what is potentially a multi-year journey it is important to be able to answer these questions in order to align the organization and guide investment, and yet, big up front plans will restrict your ability to learn and adapt. What is needed is a different approach, one that leverages agile and lean techniques.

In this interactive workshop, leaders and change agents will get to experience tried and tested techniques for creating a transformational roadmap aligned to goals and measurable outcomes. They will learn practical methods for defining and prioritizing the steps on that journey and discover the importance of identifying and celebrating successes along the way.

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An ambitious and driven individual with over 10 years of experience delivering enterprise software covering the full software life cycle and managing large cross-functional development teams. Accomplished trainer, delivering Scrum and Certified Leading SAFe courses, with experience in facilitating large scaled SAFe release planning events. Experienced Agile Coach providing hands on coaching to teams and working closely with leadership to help implement and reinforce Agile transformations.

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