PayPal competes as a market leader in a highly contested market place – the “prize” is big, startups are well funded and the industry is ripe for disruption. We realized we needed to increase responsiveness to market opportunities and competitive threats to be successful.

At scale, increased responsiveness requires that information critical for product planning and decision making remains complete, timely and accurate. For PayPal to continue to grow we needed an increased line of sight to producing and managing business value at scale.

Our response to this Strategic Imperative has been to develop and implement Continual Roadmap Planning at Scale (300+ teams) in an Agile enterprise.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll practice developing a product roadmap and confront complex roadmaps at scale with dependencies. Participants will leave the workshop with a crisp list of steps to drive Continual Roadmap Planning and how they can act on their own strategic imperative to implement this in an Agile enterprise at scale.

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