Team culture defines a team: their identity, their behaviors, their effectiveness. High performing teams know how to work together, and either consciously or subconsciously understand their team culture. Identifying team behaviors and building team culture is something that gamers have done for 40+ years. Individuals work together as a team in table-top games in order to go on a journey. These teams are high performing. Not only do they have a shared vision and direction, but also understand how to leverage each other’s skills.

In this session, Joshua and Arturo will utilize a framework from tabletop games that can help you build your team’s world view. This world view weaves together skills, behaviors, and vision. Using this world view, we will foster a culture of collaboration by allowing the team to visualize their journey.

Allow a professional game master and a professional visual artist to help your teams paint a picture of openness and joy. Learn to utilize the frameworks that gamers use to have fun and be successful.

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