We all experience situations where certain realizations seem obvious after the fact, yet, difficult to acknowledge in the moment. As I reflect back on my numerous struggles with successfully empowering teams, I am overwhelmed with wondering how I didn’t learn the lessons faster. As a result, I’ve committed to helping others be exposed by sharing my personal challenge of transitioning into a leader. Learn about assumptions and expectations surrounding self-managing teams, misunderstandings of the work required to successfully empower, and reasons why this trap is so easy. Leave with altered views on embracing a change in perspective that is required in order to avoid sending mixed messages to your teams. All while, gaining an understanding of the exciting new contributions and challenges you will master as a leader.

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Passionately focused on the facilitation of high-performance software development environments, Tricia Broderick has more than twenty years of experience in software development. Her leadership, training and coaching at all levels of an organization, helped lay the groundwork to shift teams from over one-year product cycles to feasible daily delivery of high-quality software and services. With this first-hand experience, she openly shares stories and examples to inspire people to reach new heights through continuous reflection and growth. As a coach and trainer, within the Agile For All team, she is dedicated to making a difference in creating healthy workplace cultures. Tricia is an exceptional leader, coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer, and engaging speaker.