As part of being a project manager in the digital world, you’re frequently likely to encounter projects that involve some amount of DevOps work, and people that work with these on a deeper basis. Sometimes, this area will impact your project’s schedule: whatever you build has to live somewhere! And how does everyone commit code? What happens to the code after one person build it? But, as a project manager, you don’t always know how to be able to understand the responses that happen when you ask questions about ‘so, how’s that server thing’.
An experienced project manager who swims in both Drupal and DevOps will walk through understanding DevOps from a project manager’s perspective – how to translate the answers that you get when these things come up:

* Delays in contribution and collaboration
* Delays in effective client reviews
* Sites going down because you didn’t think about hosting
* Unhappy teams: can’t get anything done
* Unhappy clients: can’t see what developers are getting done

We’ll go over:
A short history of needing servers: what’s a CMS anyways
Why do I need to know this anyways
A simple way of thinking about version control
Improvements on this: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
Continuous Everything Maturity Matrix
New tricky things: Docker and containers vs VMs
Where can I expect to need this knowledge? A project manager that’s practicing will be able to deepen their knowledge around how DevOps impacts their day to day day life. Additionally, we’ll go into ‘all of the things there are to learn’ about DevOps.

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