Your IT department is so big that you don’t even know the name of all the managers after 2 years! Your government agency has a reputation of bad service and old fashioned digital services! You know the organization must change but you don’t know where to start!

If you belong to a giant organization with silos and old school management practices in place, come to hear our open and honest story of how our agile transformation and learning journey is organized.

We are transforming our work methods since 2015. Through the new practices brought or encapsulated by SAFe®, we tear down historical silos and deeply transform the communication patterns. On the way, we even on-board non-agile teams as well as teams working on desktops and infrastructure.

With an IT department of 1600 people plus as many external contractors, this transformation is no small deal. It takes a good strategy, a small team of driven individuals and a culture open to change despite the unknown. Slowly but surely, culture evolves. The journey is long and full of surprises.

By the end of this session, you will understand how a French government organization is changing to build better solutions, better respect the tax payers’ money and attract new talents.

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