**Your goals might suck.**
So many statements we call “goals” feel like burdens pushed on us, or that we push on ourselves, and less like something we are pulled toward. What if you knew how to determine whether a stated goal was a good goal or a sucky goal—before you committed to it? What if you could help peers, teams, and others assess their current goals and re-craft them into good goals (or drop them, or renegotiate them)?

The 4 characteristics of good goals—clarify intention, focus attention, remove obligation, generate energy— comes from a rigorous application of The Responsibility Proces to goal-setting. In this study, we asked *Why do we take ownership of some goals and achieve them, but not others?*

This will be an application workshop. Bring your goals—your annual performance goals, your S.M.A.R.T. goals, or any other kind of goals. We’ll see how good they are and how they can be improved. Or discarded.

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