Getting new teams to work together is hard. Really. Hard.

Is it because there is so much hype around new Agile teams? Or is it because there is such a focus on “doing things right” (or “doing” Agile right), that we forget about the people actually doing the work? Regardless of the reason, before we can change the way people work… we need to focus on the things that are important for teamwork to work!

We believe that the key to high-performance teams is creating an intentional culture that respects and embraces diversity – whether it be race, gender, class, culture, age, beliefs, language, skills or background. So join us as we explore the Team Canvas – sort of like a Business Model Canvas for teamwork – covering nine essential teamwork elements:

* Purpose – Why we are doing what we are doing?
* People & Roles – What are our names, roles and responsibilities?
* Common goals – What do we as a group want to achieve together?
* Personal goals – What do I as an individual want to achieve?
* Team values – What do we really stand for and believe in?
* Needs and expectations – What do each of us need to be successful in a diverse team?
* Rules & Activities – How do we communicate and keep everyone up to date?
* Strengths & Assets – What skills do we have in the team?
* Weaknesses & Risks – What are the weaknesses we have, as an individual and as a team?

We will walk through our agenda for team lift-offs, facilitation posters and preparation work required, materials needed, and facilitation tips and tricks. All packaged in a handy pocket guide, that you can use to explore tried and tested techniques for each essential element. You will also have an opportunity to practice some of these techniques during the session.

Get ready to lift-off your team in T-minus 3… 2… 1…

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