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In this conversation, Agile Experience Reports Podcast Host Rebecca Wirfs-Brock talks with Sarah Baca. They dig into the challenges in determining whether scrum masters are doing a good job. What exactly does it mean to do a good job in a highly contextualized role?

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About the Speaker(s)

I am passionate about helping people find joy at work, and unpacking the drama that keeps them from finding it.

Rebecca is President of Wirfs-Brock Associates. She helps organizations and individuals hone their design and architecture skills, improve system quality and manage technical debt. In addition to coaching and mentoring she conducts workshops on agile architecture, design and pragmatic TDD. She invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD) and by accident started the x-DD meme. Rebecca is Director of the Experience Reports Program and Experience Report Track Chair. She is on the Board of the Hillside Group and writes patterns about sustainable architecture, agile QA, and adaptive systems. If you want to share experiences or wisdom in pattern form, Rebecca can help you turn your itch for writing into the written word. Read her blog at and find articles and patterns on her resources page,