In This Podcast

Our latest podcast is a conversation with Deepti Jain and Tathagat Varma, who presented a curated report at Agile 2019. As you listen in, you’ll hear how these two thought leaders came to organize a one-day summit on the state of Agile transformation in India. At that summit they gathered the experiences and wisdom of 30 Agile change agents on challenges they’ve encountered initiating Agile adoption, enabling, and sustaining Agile transformations. One clear message that comes through when talking with them and reading their report is that Agile transformations aren’t likely stick if you simply focus on Agile practices. Global companies and organizations need to recognize cultural differences between India and other countries around the world. They also need to pay attention to mindset, consistent leadership, and possible structural changes that would enable and support more successful transformations. The next step for Deepti and TV is to hold a second Change Agent Summit this October in Bangalore. They also hope to inspire other change Agents and leaders in India and continue to grow and share the knowledge about Agile adoption and Agile transformation efforts in India.

About the Speaker(s)

Deepti is an Agile practitioner, experienced in creating, leading, and managing Agile team in a distributed setup. She is active in Agile community building in Delhi NCR region. For the past 5 years her primary focus is on Agile and its Scaling with Continuous Integration and Improvement with Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile Framework. She is also Atlassian Community Leader for Gurgaon-NCR. In the past worked as a hands-on technologist in Enterprise Application Integration Technologies - JIRA, JIRA-Agile, Tortoise SVN, Planview, OpenIdea, MQ/MB, SOA/ESB, WebLogic, Connect: Direct, MassTransit, Fast Data Transfer; with a base as Linux and Solaris servers, MySql Database. Based out of Gurgaon, she is very Agile to work with International and National Clients. To get access and share Agile abundance she has founded “AgileVirgin” in 2015. In addition to Consulting, Coaching, and Training, AgileVirgin also runs countrywide Communities of Practices. It’s flagship initiatives are AgilityToday, Agile-A-Thon, FUnconf, Change Agents Summit, and Women-in-Agile-and-Tech. Personally, Deepti loves to connect and interact with people and prefer to call herself a social scientist. Always feel herself where technology meets people.

Rebecca is President of Wirfs-Brock Associates. She helps organizations and individuals hone their design and architecture skills, improve system quality and manage technical debt. In addition to coaching and mentoring she conducts workshops on agile architecture, design and pragmatic TDD. She invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD) and by accident started the x-DD meme. Rebecca is Director of the Experience Reports Program and Experience Report Track Chair. She is on the Board of the Hillside Group and writes patterns about sustainable architecture, agile QA, and adaptive systems. If you want to share experiences or wisdom in pattern form, Rebecca can help you turn your itch for writing into the written word. Read her blog at and find articles and patterns on her resources page,