As the number and scale of Agile adoptions has grown geometrically, we have seen many dramatic successes, a great many modest or qualified successes and some failures.  I believe that the causes of failure are not in the methods themselves, but in the failure to recognize and effectively manage the organizational aspects and changes to supporting systems, structures, policies, and culture. This initiative brings together practitioners who address the organizational change aspect of Agile adoptions.  Using a workshop structure, we share theoretical basis that we bring to our work, share strategies and tactics that have enabled successful Agile adoptions. “Supporting Agile Adoption: It’s about Change” extends the Agile Alliance Board initiative to understand and foster solid practices for enterprise adoption of Agile methods. The program will help the Agile Alliance in its purpose to support those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices by extending and disseminating knowledge of successful strategies for Agile adoption. More effective Agile adoption practices will contribute to the Agile Alliance mission of making the software industry productive, humane, and sustainable.

Main Activities

Practitioners will collaborate in facilitated 2-3 day work sessions to pool our knowledge and experience, share relevant practical and theoretical resources and create new knowledge for the broader community.  Subsequently, as a result of their involvement in the workshops, participants will publish materials for the use of the larger community of practitioners adopting Agile methods.

Published Documents


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