This initiative is intended to support agile-oriented users’ groups by offering them grants that can be used to reimburse speakers traveling to events or to reimburse the infrastructure for an online event if the user group can’t find sponsorship from any other source.

To gain approval in advance, please fill out the Reimbursement Form. (Please log in to access the form link.)

Any agile-oriented user group may submit a request to the Alliance to receive a grant that may be used to defray travel expenses incurred by an out-of-town speaker traveling to present at a meeting or expenses incurred by setting up the infrastructure for a virtual event of that user group. Grants will be evaluated as received. A user group shall apply for the grant at least one (1) month in advance. There is no minimum or maximum number of grants per group, and the Agile Alliance limits individual grants to $500 except in special circumstances. A grant must be used within six months of being approved. No user group may receive more than 1,500 USD in a calendar year period. No speaker may receive more than 2 grants per calendar year. Grants will be paid directly from the Agile Alliance to the speaker.

Factors in Determining Awards

Grants must be approved by a simple majority vote by members of the Speaker Reimbursement Program, which shall include at least three members. Votes may be held by phone or email. No Program member may vote on requests for reimbursement for any member of his or her company or firm. In making their decision, Program Members will consider, among other factors, the following items:

  • The current financials of Agile Alliance
  • The purpose and audience of the intended presentation
  • The speaker
  • The cost of travel between the speaker and the user group or the cost of the infrastructure to set up a virtual event.
  • Any past grants given to the user group

If the grant is approved, the Agile Alliance may reimburse the speaker’s travel expenses by an amount up to 1,500 USD.