Neurodiversity Resources - Collective Impact Program

This program is to help inform and connect people to corporate job-related neurodiversity programs. In addition, to strive to promote the creation of equitable, inclusive, and accessible work environments.

A collective impact program is a long-term initiative with multiple participants and independent workstreams aligned to a set of strategic goals. As an independent non-profit trade association, Agile Alliance acts as a backbone organization to advance the program goals.  Each of the participating organizations works independently on mutually reinforcing activities.

What is Neurodiversity?

In 1998, sociologist Judy Singer created the term neurodiversity to support the idea that those who learn, think, work, and behave differently from current societal norms should be treated equally in the workplace and community.

Program Goals:

  • Raise awareness of existing programs within companies to aid job seekers and existing
  • Publish articles, blogs, and other media to help open discussion on how people’s
    processing and thinking abilities can be a benefit to companies
  • Promote existing programs to help companies establish their neurodiversity programs


  • Ray Arell, Chief of Innovation and Business Development at Agile Alliance
  • David Dame, Director of Accessibility at Microsoft
  • More Announced Soon

Current Activities:

  • The group is forming, more information to follow
  • The resource list will be online soon