The Agile Architect: Our Experience in Discovering a Successful Pattern

About this Publication

As our software development teams at IHS Inc. undertook an ambitious project to re-architect our desktop software platform, we struggled to reconcile the traditional role of Architect with Agile values. From our experience, we came to appreciate the vital role of leadership skills to a successful Architect. We began to view the responsibility of the Architect as that of a servant-leader, responsible for building selforganizing teams. We experimented with several variants to this approach. Ultimately our Architect role proved transient once the teams reached critical mass on technical skills and organizational clarity.

About the Author

Chris is lead software engineering with Reach Inc, working locally in Calgary. Chris has a diverse background, starting his career as a manufacturing test engineer, and eventually finding his passion for software development. Chris has had a variety of roles including developer, manager, Scrum Master, and architect. He has a passion for how both technical excellence and transformational leadership can help drive agility.

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