Undercurrents of Team Interactions

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

Effective teams deliver better results and more satisfaction. Yet, high team performance remains elusive. Unproductive conflict, personality mismatches, and poor communication undercut team efforts. Join us if you are on […]

Components of Kick-A$$ Collaboration

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

So you joined a self-organizing team and everything was instantly perfect. The team openly shares, deliberates and efficiently comes to full agreement. Everything is by consensus, everybody participates, and all […]

Turn Up the Good

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

Many things can hamper the effectiveness of our teams: Too many meetings, technical debt, bugs, multi-tasking, and so on. When we see these problems our first reaction is often to […]

Coaching Agreement as Creative Partnership

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

As an Agile coach, have you ever struggled with managing expectations of your role in the organization? Has magic in any shape or form been implicitly included in your responsibilities […]

Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

It’s hard to practice coaching a team or an organization… without actually coaching a team or organization. So, we’ve created a set of “Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure” games similar […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Teens Who Smoke

Agile 2022 Nashville, Tennessee

If you had two options, one that gave you an 88% chance of success and another that gave you about 50% chance, which one would you choose? Would you be […]

Joy of Agility – Joshua Kerievsky

Joshua Kerievsky Agile2022 Keynote

Agility isn’t a formula, a framework, nor a set of roles and rituals to follow. It’s a timeless way of thinking and being that matures with practice and skill. Becoming […]

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