AMA: Gender and Sexuality

Agile2017 Orlando, Florida 2017

*AMA means Ask Me Anything.* The topic of diversity has exploded in the tech industry, but it’s left many questions in its wake. There are new acronyms to learn – […]

Meeting resistance and moving forward

It’s “those skeptical people” who are most annoying. They don’t seem to listen to our ideas. They usually start raising objections before we have even finished describing what we are […]

The Agile BA

This session describes key skills and tools that skillful BA’s often use, aligns those tools with agile frameworks and offers ways to maximize the value of BAs.

The Introvert’s Agile Survival Guide

There’s an elephant in the room that few people are talking about: Many Agile best practices heavily lean toward interaction, collaboration, meetings, and open work areas. These types of activities […]

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