About this Publication

This guide …

  • Is focused on the human aspect of Scrum projects: cross-functional communication, teamwork and collaboration
  • Revisits the most common challenges in Agile projects (Stakeholders, organisational culture, resistance to change, and team dynamics)

Topics covered are …

  • Agile and Scrum principles, an overview of Agile frameworks, and Scrum’s place among other Agile frameworks
  • The Scrum Master’s role, leadership styles and servant leadership
  • Building and nurturing effective Scrum Teams (traits of ideal team players, team habits, dysfunctions, conflict styles)
  • Building rapport with Stakeholders and managing their expectations
  • Communication techniques most suited for servant leaders (Non-Violent Communication, questioning techniques and templates)

This book is intended to be brief, succinct, and on point. The contents have been carefully selected and filtered to minimise distractions. I intended the style of this book to be more on the coaching side than the prescriptive side.

Based on the twenty years of experience and knowledge I gathered in business and change, I proposed some ideas that may prove helpful when navigating the landscape. Additionally, at the end of each chapter, you will find a part titled, ‘Thinking corner’, which is aimed to assist with self-reflection.

About the Author

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