About this Publication

Making Agile Processes Work

Are you frustrated or disenchanted by the results of your Agile approach?
Does Agile sound like a good idea, but you’re not sure how to explain it beyond roles, practices, and meetings?
Is your team going through the motions, but it’s still business as usual?

The missing piece is the Agile mind-set — the thinking that makes Agile processes work.

This book is your compass for the Agile journey. Without prescribing any process, practice, or tool, it will show you how practitioners approach:

  • Deciding what to work on
  • Planning and doing the work
  • Engaging people and performing as teams
  • Working better

Pragmatic and dogma-free, this book will help you understand what it means to be Agile and how to bring others along.

About the Author

Gil Broza helps organizations turn their software development teams into engaged, productive, and trusted Agile delivery partners. He also supports their non-software colleagues in creating real business agility in their teams. He has helped close to 100 organizations make Agile work well in their unique contexts by using his Right-Fit Agile system, which focuses on what really matters for Agile: mindset, culture, and leadership. Companies also invite Gil for specialized support, such as strategic assessments, facilitation of large collaborative events, and keynotes for internal conferences. Gil's best-selling book, The Agile Mind-Set, helps practitioners become truly Agile about their work. His earlier book, The Human Side of Agile, guides Agile leaders in growing and supporting their teams to outstanding performance. His ground-breaking new book, Agile for Non-Software Teams, helps managers consider, design, start, and cultivate Agile ways of working in non-software functions. Gil is a sought-after speaker, having spoken at over 50 conferences and corporate events. He has served three times as track chair for the Agile 20xx conferences, and written extensively about Agile for projectmanagement.com. Prior to founding 3P Vantage in 2009, Gil worked as senior developer and R&D manager for over a decade. His formal education is in computer science and mathematics, having earned his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Gil lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and twins.