About this Publication

This book is an evolutionary work to share ideas and experiences about practices and techniques to catalyse improvements, promote awareness, boost ownership, develop competencies and facilitate barrier removal during the journey of agile adoption. These elements are essential objectives and metaskills for change facilitators. In this book, I put together a set of useful concepts, techniques, stories and examples of how Agile Coaches can catalyse relevant transformation in the organisations.

About the Author

Manoel is a catalyser of changes, author of the book ‘The Agile Coaching DNA’, speaker, musician, Director of Lean/Agile at GFT Group and former Agile Coach at Elabor8 (Australia) He has over 20 years of experience working as a designer of solutions and helping software development teams to create better ways of working. Manoel is also passionate about innovative ways of improving organisations, for this reason, he helps companies applying practices of Management 3.0, Learning 3.0 and Lean Change Management and Agile in large scale.