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Practical Guidance for Agile Practitioners

Proven Solutions for the Most Widespread and Frustrating Agile Challenges

“This book gives you the answers that a wise mentor would have given you, if you had one.
Daniel Gullo shares his insights on the principal questions that everyone coming
to the world of Agile will inevitably encounter. ”
–From the foreword by Stephen Denning, author of The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management

Agile is becoming ubiquitous, but successful Agile implementation remains difficult. Organizations keep getting stuck on the same issues. However, with Real World Agility: Practical Guidance for Agile Practitioners, that need not happen to you.

World-renowned Agile coach and consultant Daniel James Gullo identifies and addresses nearly sixty widespread challenges faced by anyone trying to derive value from Agile. Drawing on his vast experience guiding Agile teams to success, Gullo helps you accurately diagnose your problems, describes each solution with maximum clarity, and concisely presents the details you need in order to act effectively.

This accessible guide is for every project participant and stakeholder: from ScrumMasters and team leads to developers, project managers, product owners, and customers. Gullo addresses methods ranging from Scrum to Kanban, guides you on scaling Agile, and even helps you apply it beyond software development.

Coverage includes

  • Making sense of Agile’s many “flavors”
  • Overcoming key hurdles in transitioning from waterfall
  • Addressing cultural obstacles
  • Meshing Agile teams with your management hierarchy
  • Engaging executives with Agile practices and values
  • Clarifying relationships among ScrumMasters, product owners, and project managers
  • Smoothly handling key tasks, such as organizing backlogs and defining sprints
  • Taking advantage of continuous integration and test-driven development
  • Bringing Agile to distributed teams and large product portfolios

Throughout, vignettes show exactly how Agile problems manifest in the real world–and how Gullo’s solutions can help you overcome them. As you learn from others’ experiences, you’ll quickly begin to see a clear path to success.

About the Author

Daniel has been a well-known and highly regarded stalwart of the Agile community for many years. His tireless dedication and effort has earned him the distinction of The Most Valuable Agile Professional award for 2015. As founder and principal of Apple Brook Consulting®, he has first hand experience about what it takes to make business work. A lifelong entrepreneur, Daniel’s portfolio of clients is long and distinguished: ING Direct (CapitalOne), NAVTEQ, IRS, PayPal, ADP, US Postal Service, GM, US Treasury Department, T. Rowe Price, GE, and many other high-profile organizations. He is the founder of and chief advisor to Agile Delaware and a frequent reviewer, volunteer, and speaker for the Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, PMI and other organizations. His experience includes delivering keynote addresses for conferences such as Scrum Gathering – India; Scrum Gathering – Rio; Scrum Gathering – China; et al. Daniel was Conference Chair for the 2015 Scrum Gathering in Phoenix. He was also the Conference Chair for the 2013 Scrum Gathering in Las Vegas, which makes him the only individual in the community to serve twice in this capacity. He has coached other conference chairs for both Scrum Gatherings and Agile Alliance events and is one of the administrators of the submission review system for Scrum Gatherings. Daniel serves on the Trainer Acceptance Committee (TAC) for the Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) certification program. He is also a reviewer of Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) applications. Daniel is a founding member of the Scrum Coaching Retreat Planning Committee; host of Coaches Clinic events; and facilitator of Open Space Events, including the Scrum Alliance's largest Open Space ever at the Scrum Gathering in Berlin (with over 500 people) and the Open Space at Scrum Gathering – Shanghai. Daniel is a prolific contributor to a vast array of online forums, blogs, and other social media including a network of over 5500 connections on LinkedIn and 25,000 followers on Twitter. Daniel has given much of his free time to mentoring and coaching candidates for CST and CSC and has received accolades for his efforts from the individuals whom he has mentored, as well as, his colleagues in the training and coaching community. Daniel is a trusted advisor to staff and management of the Scrum Alliance on matters related to policy, strategy, and vision; including but not limited to the Global Events program, CST program, CSC program, and other community outreach efforts. As an Impact Partner and Investor for Fresco Capital, Daniel is passionate about enabling small companies with big ideas to live up to their full potential and achieve success. Daniel’s book “Real World Agility” will be released in Fall of 2015 by Pearson Technology Group and includes practical, real world answers to practical, real world questions from his students and clients.   Industries Financial Services Education Biotech Pharmaceuticals Federal Government Automotive Consulting Services eCommerce Internet Software Manufacturing and many others... Clients IRS CapitalOne (ING Direct) Paypal ADP Comcast General Motors (GM) GE US Treasury Dept. Federal Reserve Bank PMI GOC (Global Operations Center) NAVTEQ (Nokia) US Postal Service Credit Acceptance Corp T. Rowe Price Microsoft Tableau Starwood Hotels Snap-On VWR Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer) Independence Blue Cross EIG Arkieva Bank of America VersionOne and many others...