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Pursuing Timeless Agility: the Path to Lasting Agile Transformation

What if Agile transformation wasn’t just about software development methodologies? What if Agile transformation was really about an enterprise-wide cultural transformation rooted in a mindset shift across the organization? What if it was really about going from a project-mindset to a product-mindset? And what if management was the key to that transformation? Pursuing Timeless Agility: the Path to Lasting Agile Transformation confronts the mistakes of “common wisdom” around Agile, challenges the prevailing mindset for what success looks like in product development and smartly guides management, coaches, and transformation leaders toward Timeless Agility.

What You Will Learn:
The mistakes of “common wisdom”
Which mistakes you are making
What you do matters, but why you do it matters more
Management is the key to Agile transformation
How Mindset Transcends Methodology™
Practical and effective steps forward

”Reading through the book it’s easy to identify with the problems stated and then get a new perspective on the issue – and some possible solutions, or at least a new way to think about the problem.”

”I wish this book existed years ago when I worked for a company that desperately needed a culture shift.”

”Buy one book for yourself and one for your boss!”

Why This Book is Different:
Agile transformation is an enterprise-wide effort. It goes far beyond new frameworks and practices within software development teams. Rather, it is rooted in mindset and culture transformation that redefines what success looks like in product development, which is why management and leadership is key to Agile transformation.

“I see so many of the challenges my organization is facing in this book…This would be a great ‘book club’ book for your product team or program managers leading Agile transformation.”

”What you do matters; why you do it matters more.” Agile is a mindset that enables organizations to continuously find better ways to do, experience, learn, and adjust so that they can discover and deliver the next right thing sooner. It’s moving away from project thinking and toward product thinking. This book will help you achieve that objective and find appropriate ways to measure success.

”This book should be required reading for leaders looking to implement Agile in their organizations.”

How the Book Flows:
The first half of this book uses third-party data to define the problem by contrasting what Agile really is with what many think it is. It demonstrates the reasons why many choose Agile, how they choose to “do” Agile, and how they have strayed from its true meaning and intent. Using a series of relatable metaphorical examples and real case studies, the book helps management, leadership, coaches, and other transformation leaders understand where their current organizational values, mindset, and practices sit within that spectrum.

The back half of the book guides the reader through proven approaches to getting their organization on track for lasting Agile (cultural) transformation; for Timeless Agility. The reader will learn how to assess their starting point, how to smartly transform teams and management to properly scale, and then how to identify and track success measures that provide useful context and value.

About the Author(s)
Jimmie Butler

Jimmie Butler is a coach and consultant who specializes in helping teams and individuals be more effective and efficient. He challenges traditional thinking to help others see things in new ways. Mindset Transcends Methodology™ is a central belief. He guides and empowers others to find their way to meaningful transformation by establishing timeless foundational mindsets aligned with appropriate practices. Jimmie has worked for twenty-seven years across a variety of industries including the federal government, healthcare, mortgage banking, non-profit / association, investment banking, manufacturing, and consulting for small businesses. The vast majority of his experience is in helping software product teams discover and deliver the right things. He has extensive experience bridging the gap between technical teams and management with an eye on operational excellence.

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